Depending on its mood the ocean conjures up many images: From calm, serene and soothing; to raw, powerful and destructive. The emotions which arise from simply witnessing these spectacles can be as powerful as the ocean itself. It is these emotions which I seek to evoke with the creation of my images.

Whether floating upon, engulfed within or simply sitting next to it, my relationship with the ocean has been a lifelong experience. Based on Adelaide’s Mid Coast I have spent much of my life chasing waves and fishing the local area and beyond. These pursuits have allowed me an intimate knowledge of not just the layout of the coastline, but the finer nuances that the weather and tides add to each location.

I purchased my first DSLR camera shortly after the birth of our first child in 2011. The choice was between engaging a photographer for a single shoot, or purchasing my own camera. The latter obviously won out and this allowed me to spontaneously capture those precious moments of our growing family.

It was in the latter stages of 2011 that my first landscape images started to come into existence. During early 2012 I purchased my first decent tripod and set of filters and it took off from there. Having people share the same passion for my images as I do, and seeing them come to life as large prints and displayed within businesses and homes is such a humbling and fulfilling experience for me.

The vision for Mike Lee Imagery is simple:

CREATE – The creation of my images is a deeply personal process and a little part of me is captured in each one. My times spent knee deep in the ocean with tripod trying to capture “The Shot” are incredibly enjoyable.

EVOKE – My images are intended to draw upon a deeper emotional connection with the locations I photograph and bring rise to the good times and memories associated.

INSPIRE – This is the most important part. Get out there! Surround yourself in the beauty which is our coastline. Seek to capture your own memories and expand your own experiences.

Respect it, look after it, and share it with those dearest to you. Our ocean is an incredible place!

Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio; I hope you gain as much enjoyment from viewing my images as I do from creating them. I look forward to hearing from you and am welcome to any ideas and feedback you have. If you have your very own special place which has not been covered in my gallery, please let me know as I am happy to work with you to produce that magical shot you want.

Warm regards, Mike

Mike Lee Imagery